Systemic & Family Constellation

Family Systems

This work also referred to as Order of Love or Family Constellations Work needs to happen in group and the aim is to look at stuck emotion in the family system or any sub-system, which may be coming down through generations because it was never acknowledged and so remained unprocessed. In this work, the person working on her family sets up representatives of the family members and after understanding what is happening, order is sought to be restored.

Often this work involves dealing with family secrets, people who may have been rejected from the family system or family members who may have become estranged, premature deaths, deaths of children, the experience of war, and other trauma especially abuse.

This work does not rely so much on words as seeking to recreate visually the movements that have taken place as a result of the events/situations experienced. In this way one can understand by witnessing what unfolds. If there is enough willingness in the system, order can be restored. The person setting up her family benefits directly from this work, but this work also affects other family members who are not present in that moment because it works on an unconscious level and at that level we are all connected.