Group Support & Therapy

What is Group Support & Therapy?

Psychotherapy and support can take place with others in a group. The group brings in different assets to individual therapy, such as the feedback from a variety of people with a different life experience and also similarities offering the richness of life.

The group can recreate the family and other relationships, and so offer the opportunity to work on unfinished business with family members or family dynamics including looking at how one experiences and interacts in that context. It also offers the support of community, where one finds understanding and belonging – hearing the words coming from one who shares your experience can work wonders. Being an active participant makes you feel that you are real, that you have a presence and that you are important.

The group experience can be challenging in a different way to individual therapy because of the presence of other members who are both supportive and challenging, thus stimulating your growth and development. The group supports interpersonal development allowing for experimenting with sending and receiving communication, thus encouraging the development of new skills. Finally, the group tells you that you are not alone which is so important in life because it builds into feeling safe and secure in one’s life.