Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Recovery from Substance Addiction.

“Addiction is an attempt to solve a life problem. Only secondarily does it become a disease.” Gabor Mate

In my experience of working with addictions, alcohol and drug misuse (and other addictions), is often about self-medicating the pain that adversity brings. Often the behaviour is present in the family system and if not, it is close to the individual because society presents it as a way or the way to have fun and joy, and be with others. This is very unfortunate because using substances becomes a quick fix.

Instead of learning to develop the emotional muscle to stop, look inside, stay and understand what is troubling us, seek help to deal with those problems if necessary, tackle the challenges, we learn to cover those challenges and potential situations of growth. Instead, we opt to ignore the limits, and stretch our boundaries further and further, until instead of having one problem, we end up with suppressed problems that keep festering in the dark, and an addiction i.e. dependence on the crutch of substance intake.

The problems intensify and sometimes we deny, minimize, trivialize, rationalize, create chaos around us, until the problems have us rather and life becomes unmanageable. Often in this state, we need rehab, especially when our problems cause the people we love problems too. If we need rehab we need to go, we need to be open and willing to engage and do the work. But we can also stop ourselves before it is too late.

Mental health, relationships and leading life with meaning is fragile and needs attention and care. You need not do it alone. It is not a weakness to own your vulnerability and learn to transform it into strength with the help of others. Be brave.